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Check this out:
This stupid *hore stole hinas story 'Volatile' a while back, and now shes 'quitting' and saying Hinas nice? Stupid fuc*ing ****. She stole the story and now shes trying to get back in everyones good graces? I. DON'T. FUC*ING. THINK. SO.
Stupid b*tch. I hope she dies in a fire. Thats what c*nts deserve.

Sorry if I seem a little harsh, but I f*cking HATE plagurists. Even if she tried to explain it all away with lies and sugar coated words, she didn't f*cking fool anyone.


Haven't posted here for a while.

Haven't even logged in on here for ages D:

I apologise to the non-existant people that don't really care if I post or not ^_^

Anyway, I just finished watching the last episode of Junjou Romantica S2. The ending was so cute, but I hope they make more, since I really love that anime :3

On another note, I am looking for a Death Note doujin.
Its called Twilight and its by Satsuki of Paprika G. So far, I haven't had much luck D:
If any of you non-existant people know where I can find it, drop a line, kay?

Anyway, not much else to say, so bai.

My random rant about ItaSakuSasu

Most itasakusasu is all, Sakura is kidnapped by Akatsuki,
is at first hostile and either,
A) Afraid of them,
B) Constantly walking on thin ice with them.
After a while, she falls in love with Itachi, and depending on the rating, sleeps with him and after a while Sasuke appears to "save" her, finds shes with Itachi, and then he either
A) Can never forgive Itachi and believes he brainwashed Sakura.
B) he never forgives sakura and vows to kill her as well.
When they meet each other, a fight ensues. Then its up to the author who lives, and who dies, It depends which pairing author likes more. or,
A) Both could die.
B) Neither die, and Sakura doesn't choose either of them.
C) Sakura is caught in the conflict between the two brothers, and one of them ends up cradling her in his arms crying like mad, while the other one slowly walks away with shaking hands covered in her blood. Eventually the crying one goes insane
and, either
A) One of them kills the other
B) They both get fatally injured and die.

Sorry for cbad spelling, and bad grammar. I'll fix it later. I promise.


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